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Designed to… attract graduates

Is your company looking to attract graduates? If so, now is the time of year to think about how you are going to go about it. Remember, a graduate is looking to start their career – not get a job! And you are most likely looking for someone who can grow with your company. You both need to make the right choice. It’s a long-term commitment for both sides – employer and employee.

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If this, then that – wow!

I first looked at IFTTT – ‘If This, Then That’ when a fantastic plugin I used called ’LinkedIn Include’ – which pulled your articles (not your profile or stream) from LinkedIn onto your WordPress site – was eventually blocked by LinkedIn (hey –ho!). I discovered that...

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Sky-blue-pink is the new black?

Colour is an important part of how we express ourselves. Colour can make us feel more comfortable, more assured, more attuned. First impressions count, and colour is the first thing you notice in a logo or visual footprint – 80% of visual information is related to...

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Monkeys and chainsaws

Monkeys and chainsaws – who owns the intellectual copyright to a document once it’s artworked and printed? The relationship between a designer and client needs to be navigated carefully …

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design muse #1

website design tips – It sounds obvious, but if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, why bother building a site? Also, you want everyone who has a stake in the site to agree on the content and purpose. Defining a site’s goals solves all of these problems.

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Snapchat Redesign Moves “Discover” To Top Of Stories Tab

IMG_2285 Snapchat just released a new update featuring a redesigned Story tab. The main change is that media brands featured in the Discover section (which previously required another tap or swipe to navigate to) are now displayed prominently at the top of the Stories list. Live stories (Snapchat curated stories from different live events) are also now at the top of the list.
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Likes Aren’t Enough. Now Facebook Pages Need You To Add Them To “See First”

Facebook See First Facebook told businesses to buy Page Likes for years, saying that’s how they could reach people through the News Feed. But over time, a natural increase in competition for space in the feed plus increased restrictions on promotional and marketing posts have eroded the reach of Pages, and subsequently some of the value of Page Likes. Now Facebook has created an echelon above Likes. A new… Read More