what's your story

– Do you want to sell a product or service?
– Promote your ideas?
– Or simply present your organisation professionally?

Businesses succeed by communicating well. That means telling your story convincingly and positioning your company effectively.

At Lelo, we understand the power of words and images working together to convey the messages you want to deliver. But we know that many small and medium-sized organisations just can’t afford a full service agency ­– with expensive client, account and project management fees.

So we offer a simple alternative – words from an experienced writer and design from an accomplished graphic artist. We collaborate to give you the tools and materials you need, or provide either writing or design services separately if that’s all you want.

  • We succeed because we do our homework
  • We work hard to understand you and your business
  • We aim to interpret your story and relate your key messages in a vivid and distinctive way.

Here is a portfolio of some of our work, so you can get an idea of what we might do for you.

like what you see?