Social networking

I love networking. I hate networking. I like people, I like meeting people. I like finding out about the people I meet. What I hate is the ‘what do you do’ bit. I’m a designer, of many years experience and have specialised in a number of different areas over the years, so do I pigeon-hole myself in three sentences?

Greenery! Pantone colour of the year 2017

Colour is a powerful marketing tool, reflecting the message and meaning of your brand. Because first impressions count, and colour is the first thing you notice in a logo or visual footprint (80% of visual information is related to colour), your colour palette works...

Refresh, or reframe your branding?

Branding style guidelines needn’t be a straitjacket. Consider them as a living document, providing a framework that allows your team constructive creativity. By having at least basic principles in place, you can ensure that there is a consistency to your branding, and the image and ethos you want to convey to the world accurately represents your vision.